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Changes to the CTCX Elite Juniors

In order to simply registration and to improve the race experience for the juniors, a couple of changes have been made.

For the Men's Pro1-3 races, the Junior Elite racers should register along with the rest of the Cat3's and Elites. There will be one registration option for all.

All racers will start together. All racers will be included in the series scoring for the Men's race. The first 10 racers staged will be by Pro123 CTCX series standings, and the rest will be by points.

Cat 3s and Juniors will have CTCX points awarded in addition to a brief podium after the race. Separate prizes for the juniors and the Cat3's are at the discretion of the promoter.

NOTE: This means that it is possible for a Category3 junior to lead all three series categories. Because there are cash prizes offered in the elite races, there is no expectation that races will offer junior elites discounted race entry fee. The same applies for the Women's Elite field except that there is no CTCX Cat 3 results breakout.


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