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Adjustments to the Rodeo

The schedule the Governor's Guard Rodeo has been adjusted to account for a team relay race and CTCX series awards. The relay race follows the same rules and guidelines as the USAC National Championship relay race. The main difference is that the Rodeo relay will not be on a shortened course. When time bonuses for various team members are established, the will be shared on CTCX social media.

Cat 5 8:00AM

Juniors 13-14 8:45AM

Juniors 9-12 8:46AM

Juniors 15-18 9:30AM

Masters 50&60+ 10:15

Relay Race 10:16

Juniors and Masters

CTCX/CCAP Awards 11:15

Kids Race 11:45

Men's 123,

Elite Juniors,

and 40+ 12:00

Singlespeed 12:01


Elite girls,

Womens 3/4/5 1:15

Elite,SS, 40+

CTCX Awards 2:10

Cat 4 2:30

Cat 4 CTCX awards 3:30


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