To be eligible for series prizes, a rider must start in 5 of the applicable category events. Riders who upgrade mid-season do not take their points with them into the higher category. In the case of a mid-season upgrade, riders can score series points in more than one series category. In the event of a tie, the highest place finisher at the most recent race is placed ahead.


The lowest single score of a rider's CTCX season is dropped from that rider's total score prior to the final event at Bishops Orchard CX. Not participating in a race counts as a possible lowest score.

Racers must have started 5 series events to be eligible for final standing and series prizes.

Points Breakdown

1st - 12 points

2nd - 10 points

3rd - 9 points

4th - 8 points

5th - 7 points

6th - 6 points

7th - 5 points

8th - 4 points

9th - 3 points

10th - 2 points

11th thru 15th - 1 point




Call-ups are provided at each event, in the Series categories, to the top 10 riders. Then points. Then day-of entries. The promoter reserves the right to provide special race day call-ups along with Series leaders. Non-series categories are staged at the promoter's discretion.

Series standings will be updated as soon as possible after the most recent event.


The Elite Men's Podium at 2012 Cheshire CX.