Bishop's Orchard once again served as an ideal race to crown champions in multiple CTCX fields. The podiums for the Single Speed category, the Master's 50+, the Cat3,4,5 women, and the Cat3 and 4 fields, all were decided at the final race.

For a rundown on the category champions, CLICK HERE.

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The 2019 schedule is:

Newtown CX - Sept 22nd
Mansfield Hollow - Oct 12th
Belltown CX - Oct 20th
Brodie CX - Oct 27th
Cheshire Cross - Nov 2
KMC CX - Nov 23rd
Bishops Orchard Cyclocross - Dec 1st



The series brings some exciting changes to the cyclocross season this year. Here are some of the highlights:


1. Category 5 racers will have a race of their own. It will be the first race of the day.

2. The podium for the Cat3/4 race will be for Category 4 riders only. Category 3 riders will be scored and will be eligible for prizes, but will not be eligible for the podium.

3. Category 3 riders will have their podium from the Cat1-3 race. The CTCX Category 3 series will be scored from the Pro1-3.

4. The CTCX now offers a "dropped race rule." Your lowest score does not count toward your overall series score. "Did not Start" or skipped races count as the lowest score.

5. Racers must start 5 of the seven events to be eligible for series prizes.

6. Instead of cash prizes for series winners, the top 3 in each field will receive special "Champion's Chalices". Big thank you to Rob Stiles and the Stage 1 team for coordinating the prizes!


For series rules and scoring methods, CLICK HERE

Once again, a big round of thanks goes to Shimano, for supplying the races of the series with course tape.

Thank you to the CCAP, for doing such a great job in increasing youth participation across the board in all the races.


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