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The series seven races long in 2019. It starts September 22nd in Newtown and wraps up once again in Guilford at Bishops Orchard Cyclocross on December 1.


The 2019 schedule is:

Newtown CX - Sept 22nd
Mansfield Hollow - Oct 12th
Belltown CX - Oct 20th
Brodie CX - Oct 27th
Cheshire Cross - Nov 2
Day 1KMC - Nov 23rd
Bishops Orchard Cyclocross - Dec 1st



The series brings some exciting changes to the cyclocross season this year. Here are some of the highlights:


1. Category 5 racers will have a race of their own. It will be the first race of the day.

2. The podium for the Cat3/4 race will be for Category 4 riders only. Category 3 riders will be scored and will be eligible for prizes, but will not be eligible for the podium.

3. Category 3 riders will have their podium from the Cat1-3 race. The CTCX Category 3 series will be scored from the Pro1-3.

4. The CTCX now offers a "dropped race rule." Your lowest score does not count toward your overall series score. "Did not Start" or skipped races count as the lowest score.

5. Racers must start 5 of the seven events to be eligible for series prizes.

6. Instead of cash prizes for series winners, the top 3 in each field will receive personalized 2019 CTCX prizes. Check the CTCX Facebook page for more news about overall series prizes.



For series rules and scoring methods, CLICK HERE

Once again, a big round of thanks goes to Shimano, for supplying the races of the series with course tape.

Thank you to the CCAP, for doing such a great job in increasing youth participation across the board in all the races.