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Welcoming Brad and Bishops Orchard CX

We caught up with Brad Isnard, promoter of the new Bishops Orchard CX race and asked him a little about his history with riding, racing and the orchard itself. He relates, "I have always been an avid bike rider. In college I became a cyclist with my first pair of hand me down leather soled cycling shoes with nail on cleats, and a pair of wool bicycle shorts. As my passion for cycling grew, I began to participate in centuries and double centuries on my road bike and longer tours including a 1,400-mile tour down the Pacific North Coast. I added a Mountain Bike to my gear and began racing both Mountain and Road bikes in California. Fast forward to my mid-twenties, I promoted two NORBA mountain bike races in Northern California before moving to the East Coast.

I have worked at Bishops Orchards in Guilford CT for close to thirty years, and over time I have envisioned a thousand different courses on the Farm in my head. Last year I decided the time had come to make it happen. Bishops Orchards, my employer, is well equipped for holding events, and they are eager to try something new. I contacted Hunter, the CT Cyclocross series honcho, let him know we wanted to be part of a series of great established races. We are anticipating a great first year race. The venue is the ideal for Cyclocross with rolling hills through a 16-acre portion of the Bishops Farm. The location is easily accessible from I-95. The course, put together by Cris and Greg of Zane’s Cycles, offers challenges for experienced riders, while not overwhelming for younger or less experienced riders."

To register for the November 25th race, go here:

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